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Login to your account where you find Salesforce AI forecast downgrading to Strong Sell at $158 having a price target of $118.  As Salesforce collapsed to $118 ahead of earnings, Autonomous Trading covered its short position upgrading to Buy.

Salesforce AI Forecast Worth $70 Million Dollars to Wall Street Banks

Autonomous Trading sold its stake in Salesforce downgrading to Strong Sell at $158 having a price target $118.

Salesforce share price plunged to $118 per Perelman's AI trading algorithm forecast representing a massive profit to subscribers.

Autonomous Vision AI Fund on Salesforce Stock Analysis by IntuitiveCode on

Salesforce Upgraded to Buy at $118 Ahead of Earnings

Salesforce was upgraded to buy ahead of earnings as the crowd capitulated selling their shares to us at $118. Intuitive Code has a price target of $138 in Salesforce.

Buy Salesforce AI Forecasts worth $70 million dollars for the lowest prices in the world!

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Autonomous AI shows how to make $100 million forecasting market bottom

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