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Chipotle became a darling in Wall Street as soon as I announced in this Blog several months ago that the company was going to report blowout earnings for several consecutive quarters outperforming Apple by a significant margin.

I dedicate this case study to those who accepted our challenge becoming gold and platinum members. Today more than 98% of users are members, the highest rate worldwide. Alex
Alex is still long Chipotle!

Why I am a Billionaire and Believer in Chipotle is My Life

We published multi-million profit reviews in the gold membership. Most of these users paid $4 per day to become members, true charity from our side.

Learn more about the amazing roll of benefits

What's Ahead

There were so many lessons and information in the gold plan, that we have to revise the course publishing a new edition until the year's end assembling the invaluable content for their future reference. The newly revised edition will be available in a new e-learning platform.

Chipotle soared the past week to $850. Apple has underperformed the market in 2019.

AI VISION Fund Billionaire Shopify Has Far More Upside than Tesla

Now, learn about the LOWEST Return on Investment - POOR PERFORMANCE - for a Shopify investor during three months only! He could have made $6 million easily!

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