Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

An insightful journey into the world of tech investing with Alex Vieira. In this session, we delve into the intricacies of investing in Ubiquiti (UI), leveraging the prowess of AI-driven stock analytics. Alex, a seasoned expert from Intuitive Code, brings to light the pivotal strategies that have shaped long-term investment successes and pitfalls.

Alex Vieira is a renowned investment strategist and the visionary behind Intuitive Code. With a track record of identifying market bubbles, including the noteworthy call on Ubiquiti in 2021, Alex's expertise is grounded in the practical application of AI analytics to forecast and navigate the volatile tech stock landscape.

Masterclass on Ubiquiti's Rise and Downfall

The following text is a transcribing of the video below.

Hi, Alex here with Intuitive Code. Today, I'm proud to bring another case study discussing how to invest in tech companies, namely Ubiquity, showing the value of using AI stock analytics to succeed in long-term investment.

I referred to Ubiquiti (UI) as a bubble in 2021 with more than 100-plus companies. Many crashed over 95%, such as Pelaton Interactive, Virgin Galactic, Zoom Video, etc. Some of these companies that I named as lifetime selling short opportunities disappeared. Today, they are worthless. For example, in 2023, one of them, the case of Mallinckrodt (MNKTQ), this one is still alive on Pink Sheets.

But since this case study is about Ubiquity, what I said in 2021 and repeated myself in 2022 and 2023 is that this stock was a target of share price manipulation. Due to the Federal Reserve policies, Ubiquiti's share price soared from $150 to almost $400. It reminds me, in fact, of the case of Roku, whose share price rallied to nearly $500. I downgraded these stocks to junk, Intuitive Code's team published expert investment insights on the sites, and I bet they would collapse. I have not done anything since then other than to wait.

Therefore, I have seen these bubble tech stocks, including Ubiquity, crashing while the crowd remained focused on buying the dip.

I'm offering a complimentary Ubiquity Dream Wall. The Dream Wall is one of the best products Ubiquiti offers.

I'm very proud of helping you achieve these astonishing results and also assisting others in explaining why Ubiquity's share price crashed.

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