Programmer Offers $200 Million Dollars for My Retirement.

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I am not a financial advisor. I write code. I am an engineer. I am a programmer. I could have started this article with a title "the retirement scam industry". Throughout the years I have been contacted by banks, financial advisers, insurance firms, while getting my spam folder filled in with articles as this one on Forbes. It is supposed that companies with a good name as CNBC or CNN offer valuable insight, however reality shows a completely different story.

The media has been making huge profits by selling space for Ads pointing to scammers and spammers ripping you off and stealing your data.

The "happy retirement" industry is one where common people are scammed the most because they actually want to be. The recent Facebook scandal is a good example which it is discussed in detail on the Blog.

It is shocking seeing people complaining about Facebook data breach when these dumbs are perfectly aware of it since they opened a Facebook account. How do you think that Facebook suggest as friends people you are used to send SMS's, emails, or making phone calls to? What did you expect from a company offering everyone free accounts forever? Have you ever considered what the main purpose of a social media company is? Why do you think that Facebook market cap reached such stratospheric numbers?


There are NO free lunches

The concept of free account or lunch was invented by Americans. In the United States the concept of free equals non-value, or negative value. When a company "offers" you something for free they actually expect a lot from you and it does not have to be an actual sale.

Why do you think that is sctrictly fordidden to have a social media account when you are working for intelligence in any country in the world? If there is a dumb fool is always You, because you actually signed for it.


The importance of transparency, ethics & rules

Most people don't care about this matter, but then you are going to find all of them later on complaining about being deceived. The truth is that most of these companies offering free lunches target dumb fools, treating them as "kings" using smart systems and intelligent algorithms extracting all necessary data from them.

We're 100% transparent. We receive awards for it.


Why are we different?

For decades we have demonstrated that we are indeed different. I could list here more than one hundreds facts, but please find here a brief list.

  1. You have never seen an Ad on our websites since there is internet - our company exists since there is internet.
  2. There are no third party contributors, no biased information.
  3. We own our intellectual property. We do not need to work with anyone else to generate revenue.
  4. We have never had a sales center, call center or marketing department. People reach us directly.
  5. No fake mechanisms to generate web traffic as bots, fake social media followers and many others.
  6. No fake reviews.
  7. No negative reviews from actual long-term customers telling that we were responsible for huge losses.
  8. Paypal has never filled a complaint about us. We have never lost a case.
  9. We always stepped in telling the truth, demonstrating that we were right precisely when everyone else tried to scam you using their status or name. As an example, refer to the truth ahead of Bitcoin crash and cryptocurrencies as a whole.
  10. Support! Everyone else claims to offer world-class support, but how can they do it if they don't know what are they doing? Start learning how to make the right questions!

And because we are actually professionals we do not have an issue suing a client if there is need to. And, we never lost a case.

In December 2017, we created a complimentary app called Intuitive Code. We invited everyone to participate in this 100% free project to see how does it work - WYSIWYG - unique in the financial markets history!

A couple of months later the company froze AI data feed on the Intuitive Code app publishing the true costs of maintaining an app. You can still join the app today for free checking in historical data.

Today, there is no active live AI data unless you are a subscriber. We made everyone a tremendous favour showing them for free what no one else can do despite the fact they are charging literally millions of dollars to scam their clients with their approval

The Story of the 200 Million Dollars

People waste their money and valuable time. We always respond with facts. If you are so much interested in retiring as a multi-millionaire, or even a billionaire, then the solution it is logical, and simple as I addressed it thousands of times for free.
Your Retirement Best Plan Invest in Netflix

Netflix return on investment for investors following my advise is 8,200% as addressed here. Everything else on the web is a scam.



We're not out for selling

A company out for selling no longer has anything valuable to offer, nor a sustainable long-term competitive advantage. The term anything has a price does not apply here.