Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

For investors using artificial intelligence investing in Spotify is like shooting fish in a barrel - a multi-million dollar profit is guaranteed! We have been discussing Spotify for free since IPO in the Autonomous Trading Blog.

Spotify downgraded to Sell at $163

Spotify was downgrade to Sell at Autonomous Trading at a price of $163 on IPO seeing its share price plunging down to $135 before rallying back to new highs ahead of earnings.

Listen to Spotify AI investors conference ahead of earnings report.

Everything else on the web is a scam. We make it simple for serious Spotify investors using Perelman's artificially intelligent trading algorithm.


Multi-million dollar profit live on the tape.

Spotify share price plunged to $148 today on the exchange seeing AI investors doubling their profits in Spotify and Tesla by relying on artificial intelligence instead of following the advise of Wall Street whose analysis has proven wrong on both companies since IPO.

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