Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

The legendary investor behind Overstock's historical 6,000% stock rally from the bottom shattered Peter Lynch's records, establishing a new market milestone by buying at $4.5 and selling at $128.

Alex Vieira upgraded Overstock to Strong Buy at $4.58 for the first time, urging investors to buy millions of shares at ANY price before Wall Street upgrades.

I never recommended buying Overstock shares except in 2020. The moment I did it soared 6,000%. I stopped it at $128. Good luck. Alex Vieira

The information for investors depends on the user plan and app.

Sell & Go Short!

You can watch Alex's live video selling Overstock at $128 on A. I Vision (live stream option included).

OSTK Live A.I Trading

A.I Trading APP users for iOS were equally informed to sell Overstock going short the name, making even more money than other plans.

Live Trading News!

Small investors and professionals use the Live Trading App to profit from momentum trading.  It includes exclusive market calls and stock picks not available elsewhere from Intuitive Code's legendary investment team.

Live Market News APP users were informed about Alex's ultimate price target of $128 hit in real-time.  

Intuitive Code sold its stake in - news available in the Live Trading News app.

Overstock Reviews

Sold OSTK at $127 on Trade Alert. You're Crazy if you Miss this Deal

Must have app if you invested in Overstock. This easy to use app came out at a dream price. I sold my 40,000 OSTK shares near $127 thereafter increasing my position in Tesla, Apple and NIO. NIO jumped 20% in two days on a trade signal. Tesla shares soared more than $800. You're crazy if you miss this deal. Dieter S., August 2020, Review Live Trading News app

A.I Premium

A.I Premium, giving direct access to Alex's expert support, was also informed about selling Overstock shares.

A.I Premium standard users did not receive any update from Alex since they were told to buy Overstock at $12. Those following his instructions are no longer using A. I Premium since they upgraded.

Troglodytes unwilling to make decisions stagnate.  God rewards those capable of using their brain eager to learn more, therefore, to make far more.  This is how the world has been working for hundreds of millions of years. It's called NATURAL SELECTION & EVOLUTION. Alex Vieira
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