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Let me start by saying that every time I read on the web similar headlines I don't even bother to read, however this is actually true, and unlike everything else it is actually free, facts corroborated and reviews. Stocks to cryptocurrencies it's here!

In December 2017, Intuitive Code created free workspaces on Slack to teach and to trade cryptocurrencies. Back then, Alex announced to the world that cryptocurrencies were going to crash. He alone fetched more than 3,000 users in Asia since then.

While Cryptocurrencies melted more than 90% none of these free users ever paid one dollar to him. Some of them like me made an unbelievable fortune. Alex saved everyone from losing all their money especially those bullish cryptocurrencies.

During the course of 2018, Alex had an ingenious idea, moving this crypto "crowd" to Microsoft Teams, a platform for more powerful than Slack. Alex has been a long-term investor in Microsoft.

Users loved it, and by December 2018, Alex announced his retirement, but also a new free project this time around involving stocks. Obviously, it caught my interest.

This week, I read several reviews from users of this app to be published in due time. One of them made $330,000, other more than half a million dollars. I made millions of dollars using the same information, but I confess to have more experience and a large account. Today, I read other review from an investor who made $15,000 in days.

What so Special therein?

A lot of stuff, but undoubtedly the free course on how to invest is the most valuable.

Therein, I and everyone else found

  • live trading on video sharing some of the best market calls in history;
  • the best stocks to invest in 2019 (I doubled my position in these names after the list was made available);
  • fun interactive quizzes;
  • when to close my short position in Apple;
  • whether to have a long or short position in Apple ahead of earnings;
  • a stock which share price has rallied 70% since he mentioned it in the course.

Best of All 100% Free

I have doubts that Alex is going to keep it free.  The buzz got so high that last week, he closed the free course on how to invest with a password and ID request.

Alex did it again. From 2017 to the end of 2018, he saved everyone from losing their money gambling in cryptocurrencies. In 2019, he has saved people from losing their money believing in individuals as Jeffrey Gundlach announcing a bear market at the bottom.

Watch this if you still have questions! It's unique in the history of the markets!

Every Alex's idea for a new project comes with a tremendous value to everybody. Have you ever bothered reading the true story of how people got rich investing in Shopify once he elected this e-commerce platform for the store?

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