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This article discusses the SEC's recent decision on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin's latest price, and how investors can prepare for volatility in the crypto markets and related stocks.

  • According to a Reuters report, spot Bitcoin ETF issuers could hear from the SEC as soon as the first week of January 2024
  • ETF issuers prepare for a probable launch on January 10.
  • Bitcoin price soared to $45,360 on January 2 GMT after finding support at $41,500
  • Intuitive Code's Oracle AI Turbo crushes estimates gaining in crypto-related stocks.

A recent Reuters report said that sources who spoke on the background of ETFs noted that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may notify issuers as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday. The SEC likely informs the issuers they have been cleared to launch the following week.

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SEC could share its decision on Spot Bitcoin ETFs soon

Sources revealed that approval of the securities product is likely, and the financial regulator may inform Spot Bitcoin ETF issuers ahead of the January 10 deadline. 

The Ark/21Shares Bitcoin Spot ETF deadline is January 10, and Bloomberg ETF analysts believe there is a 90% likelihood of approval by this date. 

Market participants anticipate spot Bitcoin ETF approval as it is expected to be a catalyst for BTC price. Traders expect approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF to support a bullish thesis for BTC price ahead of the halving scheduled for April 2024. 

Oracle AI Turbo: Harnessing High-Precision Trading Signals

We created Oracle AI Turbo with the intention of achieving a potentially high return on investment. It was launched in November 2023 and focuses on a small number of highly precise real-time trading signals, including detailed explanations on video. We primarily discuss volatile assets for those with aggressive to very aggressive investing profiles. 

Oracle AI Turbo is an AI solution that includes U.S. and crypto stocks, focusing on delivering maximum performance.

Oracle AI Turbo by Intuitive Code
  • High-Precision AI Trading Signals: Oracle AI Turbo's trading signals are engineered for precision, targeting optimal entry and exit points in asset trading. This approach is designed to maximize returns and minimize speculative risks. Dive deeper into our strategies by exploring our detailed documentation.
  • Selective Stock Focus: Instead of a broad portfolio, Oracle AI Turbo specializes in a handful of carefully selected, volatile stocks, offering focused and intensive trading opportunities.
  • Expert-Assisted Real-Time Trading: Enjoy the combination of real-time trading signals enhanced with comprehensive video explanations, providing clarity and insight for each trade decision.
  • Cryptocurrency Stock Trading: Oracle AI Turbo avoids the uncertainties of cryptocurrency trading and questionable brokerage platforms by focusing on volatile crypto stocks available through major brokers.
  • Aggressive Profit Potential: Oracle AI Turbo caters to bold investing profiles, harnessing market volatility to pursue potentially high returns tailored to your risk preferences.
  • Advanced Oracle AI Capabilities: Building on the foundational features of standard Oracle AI, Oracle AI Turbo introduces additional, exclusive features to boost trading performance.
  • Immediate Notifications: Stay ahead with real-time alerts for trading signals and analytical updates directly on your private Slack channel, a significant upgrade from the standard Oracle AI's 15-minute delay.

What are the benefits of high-precision AI trading signals?

The primary objective of high-precision AI trading signals is to enter or exit an asset at the best possible price to maximize the potential return on investment, avoiding entering a zone of high speculation. High-precision AI trading signals can define significant resistance, support, and vital reversal pivots, resulting in potentially highly profitable swing trading. Intuitive Code product Oracle AI Turbo primarily focuses on high-precision AI trading signals in a few stocks rather than many AI trading signals dispersed among an extensive portfolio such as Oracle AI.

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Our products do not offer AI trading signals for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and Ethereum (ETHUSD); however, we offer AI trading signals for some leading crypto-related stocks on Oracle AI Turbo. The explanation for this strategic decision and risk assessment is available in Intuitive Code's MasterClass Investing Academy.

In addition, we have published a vast array of expert investing insights addressing cryptocurrency analysis and complimentary trading signals for crypto-related stocks, as exemplified by the article, Intuitive Code Profits from Caribou Biosciences, Doubles Down on Coinbase, Bolstered by AI-Driven Contrarian Strategy.

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