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It's hilarious how people continue losing their life savings gambling in scam's instead of making millions of dollars following the credible free investment advise of those who create markets history. NIO and Tesla investors have the lowest IQ score in the population.

Intuitive Code is the world leader in artificially intelligent algorithms with applications in numerous industries such as aerospace, finance, automotive and military. Our thirty years record helping small and professional investors outperforming in the markets speaks for itself.

AI Vision Downgrades NIO to Strong Sell Joining Tesla Bubble Stock

Wall Street legend, Alex Vieira comments on NIO and Tesla while seeing its share price crashing to multi-year lows.

NIO and Tesla Investors Lowest IQ score worldwide. 
NIO and Tesla investors have the lowest IQ score worldwide according to Einstein tests constituting a imminent danger to the society. Moreover, we can find criminals, scammers and con artists among them.

NIO closed the session at $3, while Tesla share price melted to $187.

SEC News! Tesla Stock to Crash! Rampant Fraud!

Tesla is a Ponzi scheme in the stock market, therefore we decided selling our investment position downgrading to Junk at $389

Watch a true market legend selling Tesla on the day it rallied to $380 acquiring a massive short position. Autonomous AI Trading former Tesla bull started investing in  Tesla at $36. Not even the insane Warren Buffett is buying Tesla. The only buyers are delusional investors believing in fake news.

What does AI Vision suggest to NIO and Tesla investors?

Follow the free investment advise of a true market legend buying shares of Beyond Meat (BYND).

Alternately, you shall sell U.S Steel (X) acquiring a huge short position since Donald Trump said it is going to crash!

You may also wish to contact the Federal Reserve and Donald Trump.

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