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This article discusses the impressive results of the new trading bot made available to investors in the stock market by Autonomous Trading. Use it for day-trading, Tesla stock trading and swing trading. ROI guaranteed overnight!

Brand NEW AI Engine

Welcome to AI TRADING BOT 5 PLUS, version 2019, available for pre-order at Autonomous Trading. Minimum Price Guaranteed! Huge Promotional Price!

SPECIAL BUNDLE AI TRADING BOT 5 version 2019 is now available for purchase as of August 2018, after intensive successful testing for months resulting in remarkable reviews from users without any experience trading in the markets. The new version includes an impressive list of new features based on the new AI platform.

The minimum price listed is only available to platinum members.


  • No losses;
  • Easy to use;
  • Highly accurate trading;
  • Best reviews in the industry;
  • Best support in the industry;
  • Remarkably affordable;
  • No experience needed- subscribers get 4 digit profit *

* based on actual data and clients interviews.


  • License for 1-year;
  • Maximum 220 AI Trade Bot Signals Level 5;
  • NEW Tesla LITE version included - $39,000 value
  • NEW Better portfolio compared to AI BOT 5 LITE
  • NEW AI data on smartsheet;
  • NEW AI Data Course including lessons & investment strategies;
  • NEW Live Technical Analysis version 2018;
  • NEW Extra Performance module;
  • NEW AI platform based on the smartsheet app;
  • NEW Premium support - the best in the industry;
  • NEW 5 Earnings call;
  • NEW Conferences;
  • NEW Live audio trading - includes day-trading, pivots, coaching (*)
  • NEW AI BOT trading history on smartsheet;
  • NEW AI Portfolio rotation - critical for maximum ROI - available in AI BOT 3;
  • Access to Autonomous Trading Slack workspace for collaboration

(*) it does not work the full day as in AI BOT 1

Highest ROI for Small Investors in the Industry!

Herein, we discuss some of the recent impressive results for those interested in utilizing the new AI TRADING BOT.


Invest in the world's best companies as Amazon (AMZN) making an absurd profit based on 100% accurate trade signals.

Real-time tweet on Take-Two Interactive available @vieiraUAE

To learn more about our FREE earnings call on Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) Strong Buy since $19 refer to this article

Real-time tweet on Dillards stock crash available @vieiraUAE

Fore more information on how to invest in Dillards refer to this Blog article.

AI TRADING BOT 5 PLUS was also used in Twitter share price crash and in ROKU earnings call!

Minimum Price Guaranteed! Huge Promotional Price!


Features as day-trading and portfolio rotation are available in the more expensive AI TRADING BOT 3, but Intuitive Code has decided to include them in the new AI TRADING BOT 5 PLUS for the moment.

Real-time tweet on Dillards stock crash available @vieiraUAE


The NEW AI TRADING BOT 5 PLUS includes TESLA LITE for small investors, 100% proven accuracy and multi-million profits. Notice that this version is dramatically different compared to the existing one for professionals AI TRADING TESLA BOT, nevertheless better than anything else in the industry.

Real-time tweet on Tesla stock available @vieiraUAE

Tesla share price plunged to $334 since this AI TRADE SIGNAL on Tesla was released.

New Features & Impressive Roadmap

Get started today by learning about the impressive roadmap!

We make it possible unlike scammers on the web

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