Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Autonomous Trading and Intuitive Code developed a new algorithm to trade in the energy and oil markets. Learn about the enormous advantages of using artificial intelligence to invest in the markets compared to humans. The new bots demonstrate unbeatably consistency, unbelievable accuracy and ludicrous profitability.


Beyond Cheasapeake and Southwestern Energy stock crashes.

Who does not remember the famous calls in the natural gas sector accurately predicitng Cheasapeake Energy (CHK) and Southwestern Energy (SWN) share price meltdown while everyone else was buying on fake wall street upgrades?

Chesapeake Energy $1 Billion Bearish Trade Forces Carl Icahn to Capitulate.


Beyond Transocean share price meltdown

Who does not remember Intuitive Code AI ultra bearish outlook for Transocean (RIG) warning oil investors to disregard the bullish opinion of Wall Street crooks on Forbes magazine published days before the most profitable oil crash in decades.

Legendary Investor Downgrades Transocean to Strong Sell

AI Algorithm Predicts and Announces Ultimate Oil Price Bottom in Real-time.

Who does not remember Alex Vieira live on the news calling the ultimate bottom in oil against the ultra bearish forecasts of American investment banks as Citibank and Goldman Sachs?

The fact is that since Intuitive Code oil forecast was made available in real-time on the news the price of oil soared to almost $80 in 2018, demonstrating Wall Street dramatic sheer incompetence.

Wall Street is nothing else than a sales machine for blind fools whom seem to believe in free lunches enjoying frustrating underperformance. I dare to say that their clients enjoy being scammed all the time. Vieira


A NEW AI Algorithm for the Energy and Oil Markets. Join the Global Conference.

While corrupt investment firms continue discussing where is natural gas and oil prices headed to, Autonomous Trading continued developing its AI dedicated algorithm for the energy and oil markets.

Within a few hours, Vieira will be making a worldwide conference online discussing the benefits of using the NEW AI trading algorithm version compared to the previous one.

The Energy and Oil markets AI conference is open to institutional investors only.


Valero Case Study. How oil investors made more than $100 million dollars.

Who does not remember the famous long-term bullish outlook on Valero, the best refiner company to invest in throughout the years?

Valero share price soared to $122 in 2018, while Wall Street corrupt sales machinne remained bearish for years.

Market Legend Nails the Best Oil Rally in Years Investing in Valero


The new AI algorithm immediately available to professional investors in the energy and oil markets guarantees that we will remain light years ahead of any competitor, as Evident has been doing in the crypto markets, and Perelman in stocks, forex, etc

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