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ROKU, my largest short position in the U.S stock market is melting, truly hilarious the reaction of people to what's written in the bible as they were waiting for miracles!

Real Billionaires & Market Legends Don't Lose Money!

This is a sacred rule in Wall Street. You have one option only. Sell and go short. The crash will be horrendous.

ROKU is the Biggest Bubble in Wall Street

Of course it is. I said so therefore it is. It's the hard naked truth. Therefore, Sell and go short. The crash will be horrendous.

Truly hilarious the stupidity of people buying bubble stocks

Scammers Running for the Exit!

What else did you expect? A miracle from a bunch of lunatics? You should start reading Einstein TODAY! The crash will be horrendous.

Never Fight the Destiny

I am not sure whether you have ever read the bible or the koran, but you should. It will help you to put apart emotions. No need to be before a PC to become a multi-millionaire!

Only the stupid American scalps stocks looking at his screen all day long as he believes to own the universe. Alex

Now, cover your short positions and buy Twilio! I said it was undervalued 500%. Again, you can find it in the bible.

I am doing GREAT!
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