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RH earnings preview recorded on August, 13th addressing RH, former Restoration Hardware, trading strategies from $25 to $160 inflicting the largest losses ever to bears. The most famous and profitable investing lessons in the financial markets.

Laughing from RH Bears. You're All Bankrupt Crooks!

It is recomemnded to listen to a credible source instead of those scammers on the web who lost all their money. Thanks God scammers do exist for a good reason, but today they are dead thanks to our unique and lovely work using AI to spank them all.

Social Live Copy Trading Restoration Hardware $RH Buyout Coming

Cover Your Shorts Fools! Strong Buy!

Never listen to a crook on CBNC or the Wall Street Journal telling you how to invest in the markets. Often they are doing the opposite listening to my opinion. They end up making money all the time while suckers like you go bankrupt. It's the cycle of life.


Jim Rogers Markets to Crash and RH Bears Biggest Fraud Ever! Stupid Americans

How many times do we have to keep repeating the same? As Einstein said human stupidity is UNLIMITED. Are you one of them?

Jim Rogers Markets to Crash and RH Bears Biggest Fraud Ever! Stupid Americans

RH is trading around $152 as of today. Crooks, idiots, gamblers and fools lost all their money - it's in the bible.

RH Ahead of Earnings Report - Full version.

As I mention on the video I have no idea when RH is going to report its earnings, but also I do not care much about it. Probably I will be on holidays laughing about scammers on the web. What really matters is the long-term! Listen to RH Earnings Preview and Trading Strategies available to platinum annual members.

You may also use this link sharing it with others before they go belly up!

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