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GameStop shares surged 17% in extended trading after the company said it planned to implement a stock split. Learn how to profit from MEME stocks with the legend who made the call.

GameStop shares surged in extended trading Thursday after the company said it planned to implement a stock split.

On today's Livestream Alex talks about Traders' Insight explaining where to find more information about MEME stocks and other opportunities.

The video game retailer obtained stockholder approval on its most recent earnings report for an increase in the number of Class A common stock from 300,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 to partly conduct a stock split in the form of a stock dividend.

Shares of the meme stock jumped 17% in after-hours trading Thursday after the announcement.

Alex Vieira Expert Traders' Insight GME and AMC

You can learn more about how to profit from MEME stocks AMC and GME.  We included stock ratings, price targets, real-time trade signals, and complete instructions for you, AHEAD of the share price split announcement.

Autonomous AI Trading Livestream on AMC and GameStop Calls Triple-Digit Rally
Alex Vieira continues teaching investors how to profit from MEME stocks AMC and GameStop, making the perfect earnings calls, calling the bottoms and tops. Learn how to invest in MEME stocks and what to expect from here on today’s Livestream.
Alex Vieira Live on GME and AMC

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MEME Stocks Expert on Telegram Livestream Today Discussing AMC and GameStop
Eager to learn more about MEME stocks AMC, GameStop and another opportunities to invest? Then, Alex Vieira tells you what really matters today while everyone is talking about GameStop stock split.
MEME Stocks Expert on Telegram Livestream Today Discussing AMC and GameStop

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