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Not even during the market crash of 2018 PayPal investors lost money. To learn more what No One Else Knew About Paypal that Changed Thousands of Lives read this article.

The true story of a long-term investor in Paypal shared with my own clients in the course “Live Technical Analysis” for Professionals since Paypal IPO. But, equally important to refer to the fact that Paypal (PYPL) has been a long-term investment opportunity for small investors available across all services. Still today, I have many clients invested in Paypal since the beginning while a very small minority did not believe in artificial intelligence.

What No One Else Knew About Paypal that Changed Thousands of Lives

For the benefit of those willing to learn how to use their brains this minority of non-believers is gone, reluctant to accept the immense value of long-term value investing. Today, everyone is applauding the most rational stock market ever

Top Hedge Funds Use Artificial Intelligence to Invest in PayPal

PayPal share price rallied to $95 in 2019 turning into one of the best stocks to invest in ever in the financial sector.

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