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Wall Street has set ROKU price target to $85. Shall investors buy more shares ahead of earnings? Is ROKU about to miss earnings and crash? Herein, you get the answers plus a multi-million dollar profit without any risk whatsoever.


Firstly, I have never missed a call in ROKU since IPO, therefore the probability of missing this time is absolutely ZERO, leading us to an important fact - hereafter, ROKU is a multi-billion dollar investment opportunity.

Having said this, if you wish to have access to the most recent ROKU forecast and what the company is about to report after talking to "insiders", place your order here for ULTRA BALLISTIC PROFITS.

I remind investors that in our Blog you find the most profitable and accurate FREE forecasts on how to profit from ROKU since IPO! See an example below.

Best Automated Trading Platform Triggers ROKU Buyout Trade Signal

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