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It's one of the best days of my life. I named Mallinckrodt the best British scam in the biotech sector forecasting a meltdown since $85 while everyone else in Wall Street was raising price targets to $130. The same happened to Valeant downgraded to Junk

Mallinckrodt share price is currently trading at $20.8 which is according to our expectations. Sell now because you will never see again $85 when I downgraded it to Junk. Alex, December 2018

Autonomous Trading Reiterates Mallinckrodt Junk Forecasting Crash

The value is to be there telling the truth to people all the way down to zero. Those who bought Mallinckrodt are seen as terrorists in the investment community. Alex

Sell Mallinckrodt Shares Ahead of the Crash

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