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Biogen soared over one hundred dollars to a new all-time high, according to Alex Vieira's forecast for long-term investors. He crashed Gilead Sciences and Vertex Pharma. Everyone is following the legend! He invites you to invest today for free!

A.I Vision Investor Portal goes live celebrating $1 billion profit investing in NIO

Stakes Quadruple on Alex Vieira NIO Stock Outlook on YouTube Live
Stakes have more than quadrupled on NIO as the legendary investor reaffirmed there is no way back. Alex Vieira upgraded NIO to Strong-Buy at $1.6 saying you will never see these prices again. NIO is the number one stock for small investors to turn anyone into a multi-millionaire.
Invest in NIO with the market legend

In 2020, Alex Vieira explained to investors why he sold his stake in Vertex Pharma and in Gilead Sciences to invest in Biogen. Find articles on the Blog on this topic

Market Genius Unveils Vertex Pharma Dirty Secrets Shares Crash
The legendary Vertex Pharma bull who helped small investors becoming millionaires investing in the best biotech stocks unveiled the truth, and Vertex Pharma shares are crashing.
Market Genius Proven Right About Vertex Pharma

Gilead Sciences Shares Crash After Alex Vieira Calls Donald Trump SCAM!
Learn the truth behind Gilead Sciences share price crash since the bull legend Alex Vieira warned investors to sell their positions going short the stock warning about Donald Trump.
Gilead Sciences crash on Alex Vieira Free Stunning Forecast
A.I Vision Investor Portal 

Alex Vieira started investing in Biogen (BIIB) and Amgen (AMGN) at $56 refering to both companies as lifetime investment opportunities.

Alex Vieira forecasts and earnings calls are available in the Investor Portal, Alex Live app, and for the public on the trading site.  

We invite investors to use A.I Vision free VOD platform to search for highly accurate multi-million dollar profit forecasts and earnings call according to pre-defined categories, companies, investment time-frame, and date of publication. It can be used together with A.I Vision VOD site or as a standalone platform for investors in the markets.

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