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This talk show won a prize on Wall Street. Welcome to the late-night investors' show. I am bringing a special guest for today's session, a Virgin Galactic bull member of the WallStreetbets gang. He is coming up with questions for Alex Vieira, the legend who bet everything on the crash.

Nancy: All right, let's keep this talk civilized, shall we?

Wallstreetbets fool: I am going to try.

Nancy: What about you, Alex?

Alex: Always polite.

Nancy: OK, so we are going to start with the first question.

Wallstreetbets fool: Well, it's not a question. I want to ask Alex to stop selling short Virgin Galactic please, I am ruined.

Alex: sorry

Nancy: Alex, please consider. She is literally begging.

Wallstreetbets fool: I have no money left. My husband left. My son does not talk to me. I cannot find any energy to get up in the morning. Am I a lost soul?

Don: Can I interrupt?

Nancy: Don, let Alex speak.

Don: For God's sake! Is this guy for real? So, Alex told him when to sell Virgin Galactic. He kept warning people for months, and now he comes out of the closet begging?

Alex: Sorry

Wallstreetbets fool: You are so rude. This is embarrassing. I deserve respect. I am an honorable Wallstreetbets member.

Alex: Sorry

Nancy: All right, let's all calm down.

Don: I am calm. Alex is laughing. No one is being disrespectful. But, Nancy, this gentleman has some nerve.

Alex: Sorry

Wallstreetbets fool: Could I ask one more question?

Nancy: Sure, go ahead.

Wallstreetbets fool: How could I recover my money?

Don: Nancy, sorry to interrupt. This one is too easy. Let me help!

Nancy: All right, although I would love to listen to Alex's opinion.

Don: I suggest getting a Moderna double shot for extra safety and working harder than ever at a Tesla factory.

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Alex: Sorry

Don: Tesla, Strong Buy! Please keep them coming!

Nancy: OK, gentlemen, thanks to you all for your time. We finally got an agreement on Tesla. By the way, our guest is a lady, not a gentleman.

Alex: Bye

Wallstreetbets fool: Thank you, I am buying half a Tesla share. I am leaving Wallstreetbets.

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