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The legendary Take-Two Interactive bull, Alex Vieira, has just downgraded to neutral abandoning his long term bullish outlook since he initiated coverage with a Strong Buy rating at $19. He recommends investors to follow Intuitive Code CEO on Shopify instead.

I no longer like Take-Two Interactive. It was substituted by other picks as PayPal, Twilio, and many more! Alex Vieira
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The last time we recommended to invest in Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) its share price was $85

Autonomous Trading Upgrades Take-Two Interactive to Strong Buy After Accurate Crash Forecast
Take-Two Interactive was upgraded to Strong Buy at $85 after Alex Vieira forecast a crash downgrading it to Strong Sell $137 in 2018. Learn how to go from $85,000 to $770,000 in just 7 months!

No Money? No Problem!

Shopify announces a new merchant debit card and support for payment installment plans. Plus, Facebook Shops is adding support for Shopify. It's the perfect shopping experience!

Another game-changer for Shopify investors making $4 million daily

Learn more about the legendary free stock portfolio giving ludicrous profits to investors.

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