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Humana long-term investor, Alex Vieira warned investors that he does not see much upside left in the name in what has been the best healthcare stock to invest in downgrading to Strong Sell. Learn how AI can help you beating any fund investing in the healthcare sector.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare . Autonomous Trading Makes History Investing in the Healthcare sector.

We're no longer investors in Humana (HUM). Instead, AI Vision urged investors to close their positions as its share price continued rallying to $350, a price above Intuitive Code price target $320.

When a legendary investor and the most reliable source warns you to sell for free you better listen!  Alex

Humana (HUM) reached a peak in the stock market after the media released news that Warren Buffett and Bezos were investing in the sector - the best time to dump!

How your long position in $HUM buying on Warren Buffett news at $340? LOL Today you have $235. You're bankrupt, you've got have a master in underperformance
Humana crash is here!

Humana (HUM) share price is down $100 since the downgrade. Start making $1 million dollars daily while driving - a story based on true events.

Learn more which stocks to buy and to sell short according to Donald Trump

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