Legendary Ferrari Bull Investor Turns Bearish Forecasting Stock Crash

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Legendary Ferrari bull investor who has been advocating to buy millions of shares since $37 turned bearish downgrading Ferrari to Junk at $145 forecasting a crash.

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Ferrari Bull Market is Over!

Intuitive Code had a Strong Buy rating on Ferrari shares downgrading to Junk as the crowd returned to the stock market.

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There is no value investing in a company when all the idiots are buying ahead of a crash. We wrote more than 20 articles reiterating Strong Buy rating on Ferrari since $37 when the crowd was bearish. Alex

Autonomous AI Trading Ferrari Stock Bubble $145 Junk rating by autonomoustrading on TradingView.com

Ferrari is Not the Best Stock to Buy in 2018!

Instead of buying Ferrari shares investors should sell their positions going short. If your broker does not allow you to sell short stocks because it is involved in corruption and illegal activities, you may still make millions of dollars buying shares of Pacific Gas & Electric following the free investment advise of the world's greatest investors.

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