Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Learn how to get a perfect score on Google Lighthouse according to GTmetrix. Improve your Google ranking by tenfold. Move away from Fastly hype and get dirty rich by following the legendary Alex Vieira stock analysis and Fastly earnings call.

Perfect Score. Credibility. Results

In 2021, Intuitive Code helped over 370 companies to get 100% performance on GTmetrix grade, growing more than 2,800% - see example below.

I took this data today for you because I knew that Fastly was going to get hit hard. You can make $2 million hourly selling short American hype.

I am not going to discuss Google Lighthouse ranking factors. All I can say about this topic is that you find much misleading information on the web from suspicious companies without any credibility.  

The autonomous trading site had a poor ranking and metrics before Intuitive Code steeped in. Then, in 2020, I had a meeting with Alex to explain the bottlenecks and respective solutions. As a result, we agreed to change the infrastructure, which will take over one year and a half to accomplish.

Recently, we started working on a transitory website which is the one you see live.

To get a perfect score, you have to move away from Fastly, the hyped American useless CDN, among other things.

Having said this, Alex kindly shared on the Blog some tips about video hosting and other stuff important for website owners.

AI Nuke Hits Fastly Shares

For those who follow Alex investing in the markets, I shall remind you that he downgraded Fastly to junk.

No risk selling short Fastly. We are sending an AI NUKE up the ass of stupid Americans.
Fastly Investors Hit By A.I Nuke Spinning in the Grave
Alex Vieira downgraded Fastly using A.I Perelman Algorithm data shared with investors. Learn about the consequences for long-term investors on Fastly and Cloudflare. By buying this talk you get the legendary complete study on Cloudflare and Fastly for free!

Are you still invested in Fastly?  What a shame. I believe you should learn more about what the real Alex Vieira is capable of.

Fastly's share price melted to $36 on today's session with thousands of Americans arguing that it is manipulation. Please, feel free to call the SEC.

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