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Kraft Heinz share price collapse does not constitute a surprise since AI Vision has a Junk rating on shares referring to it as a Warren Buffett's SCAM since $82. Learn how a monkey outperforms Warren Buffett investing in the stock market

Savvy investors find in the free course on how to invest an investment lesson addressing Kraft Heinz. It is of great value for anyone interested in making serious profits instead of following the useless advise of crooks playing with others' people money.

After Kraft Heinz share price crash Buffett says he overpaid for Kraft confirming that sheep followers invested in a SCAM.  

Did you go bankrupt investing in Warren Buffett ideas Apple, Goldman Sachs and Kraft Heinz? A monkey is doing better than Buffett. A class action suit is a solution.

Kraft Heinz share price melted to $33 - the only crooks losing money are Warren Buffett sheep followers.

Join AI Vision Robotic Trading Division on Microsoft Teams collaborative app for investors and traders. Learn how people have been using Intuitive Code free apps to make millions of dollars in the markets. Stocks, ETF's, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Demos, Courses, Collaboration, Quizzes. Learn how artificial intelligence has changed peoples lives. Watch AI Robotic Trading in action. No credit cards. No Ads. No Fees. 100% real-time accuracy.

Warren Buffett has never invested in Twilio. He does not even know the company name or what does it do. A dangerous ignorant. Alex

How Investors Used Artificial Intelligence to Reach 3,300% Profit Investing in Twilio

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