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Learn how to follow Jim Cramer to make millions of dollars in the markets. I disclosed Jim Cramer's tactics ahead of Lululemon's earnings to help you to make a fortune. It works all the time.

I am the author of this famous article the one giving over $100 million dollars as a long-term investor in Lululemon

Ahead of earnings Alex informed investors on the Blog that he sold Lululemon shares above $32o since they are outrageously expensive compared to my purchasing price $180.

We also informed Lululemon investors that Jim Cramer was coming upgrading shares, this was a given since everyone knew that Lululemon was going to miss earnings.  

A professional pumper as Jim Cramer is a dream for any market professional.  Alex Vieira
Jim Cramer Coming for Lululemon Overcoming Nike! - Algorithm AI Trading Financial Live News
There have been rumors that Jim Cramer’s next show is dedicated to Lululemon and its leading role in overcoming Nike! Listen to Jim Cramer making millions laughing about stupid Americans who are not following him. We are FULLY LOADED for the YOGA BOOM! It’s distress free! Never seen so many people …
Jim Cramer is Coming for Lululemon!

After Lululemon reported earnings I was there buying shares after-hours at $283 knowing that Cramer was coming.

Buy Lululemon stupid American! It's free money! Nikolay
Buying Lululemon live on earnings

As soon as market opened the short sellers do the rest of the work sending shares to $307 on an earnings miss.

I love Jim Cramer and all stupid Americans. Nikolay
Jim Cramer Rocks!

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