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Invest in Netflix with the world's best investors and an AI Trading BOT. Learn about Netflix 8,200% return on investment for long-term investors. Herein, get instructions for Netflix ahead of earnings report.

Start investing in Netflix using the AI BOT!

To learn more about Netflix AI BOT refer to this article.

Netflix share price sell off is good news!

Netflix share price plunged $50 per share following a recent downgrade available on the Blog issued at $330 but that's seen as good news for savvy investors!
Buy low sell high is one of the most important investment rules ever!


Wall Street does not comprehend Netflix - sheer incompetence!

You have been paying to financial advisors and investment firms to deceive you for years.

More than 85% of investment firms in Wall Street have been bearish Netflix since $140. Truly amazing sheer incompetence as Netflix share price far more doubled since then. Vieira



Is Netflix a Buy or a Sell Ahead of Earnings?

The instructions and Vieira's position in Netflix are now available on video. Login to your account!

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