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Today, I am closing my Facebook short position in real-time continuing discussing Facebook investment since IPO, while helping investors worldwide on a multi-billion profit. Autonomous Trading downgraded Facebook to Strong Sell at $195 in this Blog ahead of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Offer Multi-Billion Profit to Investor.

We are closing the short position on Facebook to focus on short positions in crypto scams downgraded to JUNK .

  Furthermore, Facebook share price is going to bounce allowing us to continue profiting from Facebook using an AIBOT while retail investors will continue losing money to our customers.


The only investor who accurately forecasted Facebook multi-year bottom and top.

Facebook investors should be interested in to review the information available in this Blog starting with the announcement of selling Facebook ahead of the collapse.

Buy an AIBOT today! Plan for the coming Crash!

I have been repeatdly saying that an investor using an AIBOT beats every other market participant in the industry. A remarkable example can be seen in Tesla, a stock everyone else has been wrong about.

An ocean of opportunities for short sellers

We have issued more than twentty downgrades to JUNK in the past weeks, while others have maintained Strong Buy to hold ratings deceiving investors.
The Crash is Coming! Everyone is making a fortume!

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