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Genius Brands (GNUS) share price crashed 95% to 95 cents since the legendary investor, Alex Vieira, made it an exclusive pick available to thousands of investors worldwide, including professionals in Wall Street, downgrading to Junk at $12 in 2020, calling the company an undeniable SCAM.

Pay $2,000 to Make $400,000

Learn how investors purchased Alex Vieira call on Genius Brands for $2,000 making over $400,000 on a biblical stock crash.

You can buy a plan from Intuitive Code to make millions in the markets, pay $2,000 to Alex Vieira for his biblical forecast, or join his live stream trading for peanuts. Elena, CEO

Alex Vieira Downgrades Genius Brands to Junk $12 Calling it a SCAM

Genius Brands (GNUS) is an exclusive A.I Premium pick for any investor to make his first million dollars in the stock market following Alex Vieira guidance.

"The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein

Alex Vieira Exposes the Truth About Investing in Genius Brands
Are you investing in Genius Brands because it’s cool listening to the fraudulent advise of media outlets? You might be interested in learning more here unless you are the next genius investor in the stock market
Alex Vieira Downgrades Genius Brands to Junk

Refer to this public article on the Blog for more information on how to profit from Genius Brands.

Autonomous Trading Crashes Genius Brands Stock Triggering Heavy Losses on Robinhood Customers
Speculation in the markets has never been more rampant and artificially intelligent algorithms are taking advantage of it making large profits in days by placing large bets against Robinhood Customers.
Sell Short Genius Brands SCAM today!


Autonomous by Alex Vieira is the first integrated platform that connects highly accurate market analysis (A.I portfolio, A.I ratings, A.I analysis) from Perelman's algorithm with live trading, live stream, coaching, A.I bots, and live support from a legendary team of professional investors, giving traders the ultimate competitive advantage in the markets. Trade stocks, Forex, and ETF's from your platform. Drastically leverage your performance by experiencing up to 100% accurate trade signals. Apps and A.I bots available. Distributed by Intuitive Code.

A.I Vision

A.I Vision is the biggest revolution in stock market history offering the ultimate experience by taking advantage of the full potential of the autonomous platform, an unified A.I market analysis platform for trading, developed and supported by an extraordinary team of successful investors and a true visionary.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein.
Autonomous driving will get you from A to B. Autonomous A.I Vision will take you to the maximum return on investment. - Alex Vieira.

Perelman Algorithm

Perelman A.I algorithm offers the ultimate level of accuracy, confidence, and return on investment no human being can match demonstrating it live on the tape under the most distressing market conditions, regardless of financial asset, and market sector.

Our algorithm was designed having in mind autonomous imaginative concept permanently acting, measuring, and executing towards maximum return on investment regardless of common beliefs.

You're invited to learn about its potential by watching over 65,000 cases studies discussing stocks, Forex, ETF's, oil, gold, and cryptocurrencies.

Do.Act. Execute

The best laid plans are worthless without execution. A strategy without action is just an idea.

I knew from the beginning what Genius Brands share price was going to do and I gladly exposed the undeniable truth for free. Alex Vieira

Genius Brands share price melted to 95 cents since Alex Vieira called the company a SCAM.

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