Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

One of the deepest questions in computer science is called P vs. NP, and answering the question would have major repercussions in the world as we know it.

Finding Algorithms for P vs. NP

I am not going to discuss. P. vs NP - Google it. No one is paying my time to write about it besides it is not of my interest to disclose sensitive information. Furthermore, I am not willing to teach incompetents and scammers.

Polynomial time (P)

P is contained in NP, a problem that can be solved quickly by a computer has an answer quickly checked by a computer. The reverse — whether NP is contained in P — is thought to be unknown.

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P = NP

Some problems are easy, and some problems are hard - says the idiot.

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P = NP

For technical reasons, problems where we can quickly check a solution are said to be solvable in "nondeterministic polynomial time," or "NP."

If we have an efficient way to check a solution to a problem, we equally have an efficient way to find a solution.

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