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NIO share price crashed this week to $10.5 after Intuitive Code CEO compared NIO stock outlook to Tesla downgrading the Chinese company. NIO share price soared 1,500% on Alex's Vieira forecast made available to investors

NIO is not Tesla. Elena

Alex Vieira Sells NIO A.I Stock Analysis to Wall Street Making Fun of Robinhood Traders

Intuitive Code CEO downgraded NIO after its share price surged 1,500% on Alex's Vieira forecast made available to NIO investors on Intuitive Code A.I Premium.

We create history, everything else is merely a scam. Alex Vieira
Alex Vieira Live on NIO Downgrades $16.3
Intuitive Code Downgrades NIO

To me, this is the most important article on the Blog for calendar year 2020. Why? because it changed the lives of too many fulfilling its primary objective. Hence, a kind word of appreciation to Alex.

The Vision that Changed People’s Lives Helping Them to Defeat the Coronavirus Pandemic
The past few months have been very complicated for people going through very restrictive lockdowns and financial issues. As a mother, I experienced it firsthand, but our team learned to see this crisis as a lifetime opportunity to improve
The Vision that Changed Investors' Lives

New A.I Trading App for iOS

Intuitive Code released a new A.I trading APP for iOS. Install it on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Realtime A.I Portfolio Analysis and A.I Bot Trading App for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV
The new app allows traders to access highly accurate Realtime A.I data analysis, including A.I bot trade signals in a dashboard. We help you make better decisions by ensuring your most important, accurate, and reliable portfolio analysis is always a glance away.
Alex's A.I Trading APP for Apple iOS

Compare Intuitive Code plans using interactive visual whiteboards for investors

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