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Learn why Intel investors continue losing money since Autonomous AI Vision downgraded to Strong Sell at $56 in 2018, while PCG share price rallied 280% in days on AI Robotic Trading predicting a bottom at $5.14.

No Interest Investing in Intel

Alex dumped his stake in Intel at $56 while everyone else was buying on the advise of crooks as Warren Buffett invested in bubble stocks.

Disregard the opinion of Wall Street raising price targets in bubble stocks as Intel, Micron and Apple ahead of a stock market crash. Instead listen to free advise the world's best traders reporting live the news!

Why would one wishes to continue losing money in Intel if we have just called a move of 280% in PCG after predicting crash on shares? If you wish to retire as a multi-millionaire I suggest that you invest in Netflix, my free suggestion since $6. Alex

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Intel (INTC) share price plunged 8% after-hours as soon as the company reported a miserable earnings report.

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