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Would you like to learn about Intuitive Code app for investors in the markets? Watch how investors make millions of dollars following a legendary investor trading Tesla with 100% accuracy.

We make it happen demonstrating the impossible is actually possible. 100% accuracy on the long and short side. Everything else is an ordinary SCAM!

Trading recorded on April 2nd and 3rd, 2020. Tesla share price plunged from $547 to $468 within 24 hours. Intuitive Code app includes the real-time trade alert at $547 as well as the intraday bottom $468. Tesla closed at $480 on April 3rd, 2020.

Impossible? watch it live!

Intuitive Code downgraded Tesla at $940 selling its stake

It's dramatically simple. No experience required.
Alex Vieira Downgrades Tesla $924 from Strong Buy $179 Citing Morgan Stanley Turned Bullish
Alex Vieira urged investors to sell Tesla due to Morgan Stanley upgrade to $1,200 and severe market conditions ahead downgrading the U.S stock market while acquiring massive short positions.
Tesla downgraded free market calls
Alex Vieira Tesla A.I Trading Gives $3 Billion Profit in 2020
The legendary investor who downgraded Tesla at $924 calling the worst crash since 1987 is back with a divine forecast triggering the best stock market rally since 1933.
Tesla A.I Trading gives $3 billion in 2020

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Get 8 Figure Salary Trading from Home Following Alex Vieira Market Forecast - Autonomous AI Trading
Get 8 Figure Salary Trading from Home Following Alex Vieira Market Forecast. It’s 100% guaranteed investing in the markets with a legendary investor. Sell short Americans, the most stupid people in any civilized country. I offer you $10 million dollars.
SmileDirectClub Best Stocks to Sell Short on Coronavirus Outbreak
Alex Vieira demonstrates perfect timing publishing SmileDirectClub case study ahead of a stock crash urging investors to go short the stock reiterating a junk rating.
Best stocks to sell short on Coronavirus outbreak
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