I, Donald Trump and Elon Musk Are Best Friends

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Although I see Donald Trump dumb as a chicken, and Elon Musk as a con artist, we remain best friends for life. Herein, find the reasons and why Mark Twain agrees on this matter.

Stay Close to Your Best Friends

Indeed! A dumb friend is a gold mine, a tilting money machine ready to be squeezed to the last drop. Dumb people have simple minds,  simple to read and to comprehend. Their tactics and behavioral patterns repeat over time as they are unable to make good use of their inexistent creativity.  I learned it with Sun Tzu since my tender age of 15.

As Einstein pointed out common people tend to get confused comparing the greatest scammers in history with geniuses. Stupid people have the same behavioral pattern moving towards those willing to accept them as equals, though unable to distinguish Musk, Trump, Charles Ponzi, Madoff and Lampert.

By remaining close to your best friend you can figure out who they really are. Thanks to Donal Trump wisdom, we accurately forecasted U.S Steel collapse, and Elon Musk has been a savior and gentleman helping us to make an exorbitant profit selling short his wallet. Vieira

On the other hand, a disturbed mind as mine only sees zeros and ones, binary code, hence you somehow have value (1), or you are worthless (0).

If You Tell the Truth You Don't Have to Remember Anything!

Unlike Donald Trump and Elon Musk, Mark Twain was a man of rules and ethics.

Traders cannot stop making money!

I would rather prefer to have Mark Twain as a friend than ten thousand crooks ready to scam people at the first sight. Vieira

Never listen to a Fraudulent Stock Analyst!

You see, the tape tells the truth and sometimes it is preferable  to have those friends in the right place telling the truth!

Hopefully, you learned the lesson. Now, learn why ROKU insiders sold everything at $77 going short their own company!