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I started investing in Shopify since $19 and Tesla since $36. Many articles have been written on the blog urging investors to buy both since then. I sold my stakes, but we continued teaching how to make absurd profits this time around using Wall Street stock manipulation in 2020.

What Wall Street has been doing in Shopify manipulating its share price, I explained in on Tesla ahead of Morgan Stanley coming out with a bullish case of $1,200. This number is NO coincidence. You find it in my own article.

Alex Vieira Downgrades Tesla $924 from Strong Buy $179 Citing Morgan Stanley Turned Bullish
Alex Vieira urged investors to sell Tesla due to Morgan Stanley upgrade to $1,200 and severe market conditions ahead downgrading the U.S stock market while acquiring massive short positions.

In March 2020, we explained what was going to be the game played by Wall Street to manipulate Shopify share price for your benefit.

Mark Mahaney RBC Capital Coronavirus NO IMPACT Shopify Worth $650 - Autonomous AI Trading
Wall Street analysts do not see any impact on Shopify core business making it the best stock to buy right now!We have not seen any downgrades on Shopify, on the contrary, everyone raised price targets making it an affordable stock according to Wall Street analysts. If you buy Shopify today, you can …
Shopify game
Why do you think that Shopify share price has rallied $400 per share in just one month?

Recently, I bought shares near $500 calling investors attention that its share price could rally to $630.  Now, we see Wall Street upgrading Shopify to $700 or higher.

Shopify Using Bots to Increase Traffic! Buy Now! - Autonomous AI Trading
Shopify is likely to come out saying the traffic on their stores is rocking again after removing guidance two weeks ago setting a trap on investors! Buy Shopify! Shopify was former FED’s Powell top pick!

As Shopify share price approached $600, I said buy even more, calling investors attention for confirmed share price manipulation - a unique opportunity to get dirty rich doing nothing.

Last week, I bought more at $565 seeing its share price miraculously soaring to $650 in just three days!

This week, Trump speech about bleach and UV was a real blessing. I bought more shares at $610 on Friday seeing it gaining $40 per share within a couple of hours.

There is no other stock on the exchange where you could have made so much money using disinfectant and coronavirus headlines.

Shopify will likely beat earnings for several reasons.

Shopify CTO Coronavirus is a Blessing! Buy Now! - Autonomous AI Trading
Buy Shopify fake bot traffic! Shopify CFO removed guidance on earnings, but now he sees Shopify booming for years, saying the coronavirus is a blessing - Black Friday sales daily! It’s Black Friday daily at Shopify! Investors and customers making $1 million daily! Shopify fake bots rock! HAND SANIT…

In the past weeks, thousands of scammers opened new accounts on Shopify platform to sell masks, disinfectants, and other products related to COVID-19 ripping off their own customers using very high margins.  

3M sued some of these Shopify stores, but does Wall Street care about it? Don't be naive! They care about MONEY! Shopify said its traffic is ballooning - Black Friday daily!

3M Starts Suing Shopify Shops Scamming Customers Over Coronavirus Fraud - Autonomous AI Trading
3M Starts Suing Shopify Shops Scamming Customers Over Coronavirus Fraud. It’s no surprise to see a Canadian company involved in fraud. These scammers were used to set fire to pump oil prices artificially.
Shopify is FED's Powell Top Pick
FED Chairman Powell Portfolio for Earnings Season
Here’s FED’s Chairman Jerome Powell Portfolio for this earning season, including the bull and bear case for the U.S stock market. Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Chipotle, Apple, Oil, Ford, Hertz, he reveals it all.
Shopify in FED's portfolio
How to Manipulate Earnings Reports and Coronavirus Death Toll During the Pandemic
Believe it, it’s damn simple. Find here why you are losing money while Wall Street and savvy investors make billions. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump, for the surprise of many, released a very high number of death estimates for coronavirus for a very good reason!
how to manipulated earnings reports
Alex Vieira Uses Strong Correlation Between Trump Disinfectant and Stock Market Manipulation to Get Rich
This article explains there is a very strong correlation between Trump’s own solutions for COVID-19 and stock market performance resulting from manipulation. We explained how to use it to make millions of dollars in the markets or to avoid losing money.
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