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Tesla share price continues being manipulated. The proof is given by my analysis describing precisely what Tesla share price is likely to do before and after Elon Musk fraudulent tweets and SEC investigations. I have been right about all scenarios thus far. Herein, learn how to profit from Tesla stock manipulation, including instructions for stock price manipulators of great value to professionals, but also small investors whose main goal is to avoid losing large sums of capital.  

Learn About the Game!

As one of our clients recently described in his interview, the most important is to learn the process that drives a stock regardless of your opinion as a bear or a bull.

I remind investors that Tesla has been a remarkable reliable instrument to profit from for so many years. It's so damn simple that we dedicated an article to this subject.

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If you wish to learn it all, you have to go though all my videos. It's a masterpiece in the history of the markets fully dedicated to Tesla - some of the videos have been available to subscribers only, and I do not sell them.

One of the key reasons that Tesla stock has been reliable for so long it's related to stock manipulation rather than hype. The way Tesla share price moves cannot be seen in other stocks. Vieira

The Secrets of Stock Manipulation

This VOD complements the previous one reported here. The VOD contains the motives and instructions for "stock price manipulators", therefore it is of outrageous value to professionals as well. As always, the content shall and might be used to profit from both sides.

Notice, the term "manipulator" is being used here in a good sense. If you find it abusing please contact me, I will be happy suing you for stupidity without any issue. An incompetent should never touch the stock market.

Fortunately, you get it free of charge as a platinum member, or subscriber to AI TESLA, and AI BOT 5+

On the other hand, subscribers to the common TESLA program (no-AI) do not get it free of charge since the company has surpassed the amount of bonus included in this program - in this case, continue following the instructions included in the video announced in this blog article valid until years' end, which you have in your service.

For purchasing the VOD, please contact us in any of the available apps, or open a support ticket. Non-subscribers cannot purchase this VOD.

Now, grab the next stock pick to rally 200% until's years end

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