Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

The most wanted criminal in history has not been caught yet. He is still very active re-inventing the art of scamming people in the crypto markets. He has been outrageously successful making enthusiastic appearances on social media, however no one has ever made a profit by following him.

I have been in the crypto markets forever. I have never found a soul scoring a point answering correctly to simple crypto quizzes. For instance, tell me the difference between Dogecoin and Bitcoin, between investing in Ethereum vs. Bitcoin, and so on.

Fortunately for many, I have been teaching how to invest in cryptocurrencies on YouTube for years. Below find one of my calls for members.

Recently, I met a fraudster telling me that Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin for transactions. Indeed! Of course, he has an American passport. What else did you expect?

This American fraudster perpetrated one of the most successful scams in history, I had the pleasure of commenting live on YouTube.

Go ahead, check what did happen to its price since then.

I have a recommendation that saved people's lives. When the scammer shows up on social media, do the opposite, you will be instantaneously rich, as it happened to everyone following me.

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