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Autonomous AI Vision CEO, nominated Homeland the best Netflix series ever. Netflix investors should buy shares ahead of Netflix 2019 nominations. Intuitive Code upgraded Netflix stock for 2019.

Investor Who Predicted Netflix Crash Turns Bullish for 2019

The investor who predicted Netflix share price crash selling at $420 turned bullish recommending to buy back shares in the end of 2018 as Netflix share price crashed almost $200 per share.

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Homeland Best Netflix Series! Buy Netflix Ahead of Emmy Awards by autonomoustrading on TradingView.com

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Get Prepared for a New World Order - People have been focused on what really does not matter.

  1. Incompetent stock analysts
  2. Biased wall street reports and ratings
  3. CEO's deliberately lying on conference calls about projections
  4. Fake news and propaganda

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Disclosure: As a member of Intuitive Code I recently bought a stake in Netflix.

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