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Learn why Virgin Galactic's share price crashed twice 70% in 2021, who made the calls warning everyone about the outcome. The naked truth on how to become a billionaire betting against 360 million ignorant Americans.

Before we start, let's remind you that Virgin Galactic, American number one, FOMO stock, is trading at $20 after-hours.

Dubai New FOMO. Hollywood Rapper Will Smith First to Dive. Genius Finds Gold Selling-Short FOMO Stocks SPCE. AMC. GME.
Dubai’s new FOMO for Americans diving into huge losses. Hollywood rapper and lunatic Will Smith first to dive into the ridiculous. Then, genius gets dirty rich selling-short idiots gambling in momentum stocks AMC, SPCE, and GME. AI trading algorithms establish new market milestone.
American FOMO stocks

So, we give you the option of reading this article or playing Alex's Vieira public video. We have been live-streaming hundreds of times on social media to sell Virgin Galactic since it reached $58.

Alex here today with the crash in shares of Virgin Galactic, down 50% within just days. I want to congratulate everyone, betting on Virgin Galactic, AMC, and GameStop's collapse selling at the top, demonstrating 100% accuracy every time.

Today's speech is not about Virgin Galactic, AMC, or GameStop because everyone knew this would happen.

History repeats itself. The most important here is to comprehend that you are before 360 million stupid Americans. And, when you have 360 million stupid Americans, you have a lifetime opportunity to become dirty rich.

American lawyers are pocketing millions of dollars. The 2% of the population are doing precisely the opposite of 360 million idiots. So, 2% know what they are doing, 98% are complete morons. They are stupid. They were born foolish, and they will die stupid with nothing.

They are slaves, they love to be, and they will remain slaves for the rest of their lives, while the 2% is getting rich every single day, every single second, taking advantage of the 98% - the holy grail of investing I've been talking about, explaining the steps since 1989.

There has never been any change whatsoever. On the contrary, as we move forward, seeing technology improving significantly, the opportunities are endless. Even better today, they are more frequent than in the past. Moreover, today, it is by far easier to invest or to trade in the markets. It is impossible to lose money.

For example, I invite you to read the comments on Reddit from these idiots and fraudsters Wallstreetbets; when Virgin Galactic's share price was trading within $58 to $60, they were calling on that same week $100, publishing videos on YouTube utilizing social media to defraud you.

It happens that 98% of the relentless ignorants fall in the scam, buy shares and click on follow me now. Imagine the stupidity of these people that they dream, they talk about, the American dream. There has never been any American dream.

The history of the United States it's all about immigrants. The United States owns everything to immigrants. There are no native Americans other than Indians. American history is about cowboys, and stupid Donald Trump's, 98% of the population are very much alike.

It would be best if you learned about the truth because you have to comprehend the reasoning and philosophy while the rest of the world looks at these individuals, these animals, laughing, selling-short them like pigs.

Because my friends, we have a history, a past, a future, and we don't have to prove anything. Plus, we do not have to convince anyone. I'm referring to those in Asia, Europe, and other continents, while the United States needs to prove because they don't have any history whatsoever. Do you understand?

If you want to find a safe country to live in, a wonderful one, or the best in the world, you have to visit mine. Here, you won't have the same problems as in the US. For example, you don't have mass shootings, teenagers rewarded for raping other teenagers at Harvard University - read their records very clear on these matters. So, these individuals learn how to rape and defraud at a tender age; then, as they grow up, they become even more violent, getting involved in mass shootings, participating in racist events, living a social media culture, no actual friends, just illusions.

But, you also have the police killing innocent people. So, to summarize, run away from these low-lives, enjoy your life elsewhere; you don't want your children to get involved with these animals if you wish a bright future for them.

I strongly recommend remaining calm in your country, whether English, Irish, Spanish, or Italian. You live in a great nation. You certainly don't need an American passport or a shitty green card.

Learn how to exploit 360 million stupid Americans, becoming a millionaire by doing the opposite of what they have been telling you to do.

My friends, it has been working, you know, all the time, thousands of times, it repeats, never changes because no one can change the course of history.

Knowledge is power; you find it in the math books from primary school.

Thank you. Bye-bye.

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