Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Learn why thousands of investors invested in Raytheon Technologies following my AI stock analysis while Americans turned bearish, defrauding themselves and the rest of the world before a lifetime investment golden opportunity.

Disclosure: I invested in Raytheon Technologies.

Invest in Raytheon Technologies

Good morning, Alex here with autonomous trading. Today, I bring one more case study for those following my instructions investing in this American company called Raytheon Technologies. Last year in 2020, I upgraded Raytheon to Strong-Buy at the bottom, saying that I will not ever see those prices again. In other words, I offered you the very bottom. A couple of months later that I reiterated the rating Strong-Buy establishing another key bottom. I recorded videos in both cases, making both available on live streaming and video on demand.

I urged investors to buy the largest amount of shares ever in Raytheon Technologies while the average American investor did not want to invest, turning bearish.  One year later, you can now see, Live on the tape, what  I already knew since then - everyone following my investment ideas to make millions of dollars - no risk whatsoever.

I invested in the U.S, in the best companies, while Americans have been defrauding each other betting against their economy.

My words today are going for those who follow me, congratulating them. I made these calls available to small investors for a minimal fee.

To make the investment outcome explicit, I used on Raytheon Technologies AI stock analysis title and description the words "you are going to make millions of dollars investing in these two companies," Raytheon, and another one where obviously it happened precisely the same. So congratulations. Thank you.

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