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Tesla soared to $350 gaining billions of dollars in market cap as Autonomous Trading CEO offered free tickets for Dua Lipa show. Alex Vieira Used Einstein Theory of Relatively to Call Tesla Bottom!

Free Tickets for Dua Lipa for Tesla Investors - Autonomous AI Trading
Intuitive Code is the leader in artificially intelligent algorithms with applications in many industries.
Free tickets for Dua Lipa Dubai show! Buy today!
The profits investing in Tesla are surreal. Anyone can make $1 million daily. Alex
World Best Investors Bet Everything in Tesla Mocking the SEC and Stupid Americans
The average American is absurdly stupid failing to comprehend the SEC has never had any mission or positive action in the history of the markets. Tesla has been grossly undervalued as reported here seeing its market cap doubling at the fastest pace in history.
Investing in the markets with a true legend

Marc Faber Most Stupid American

The world has finally comprehended how stupid Americans are.

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Marc Faber Most Stupid American

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