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I already told you before that FED money goes into stocks like Shopify pumping its share price instead of going into value stocks.  For this reason, Wall Street raised Shopify to $650 selling the idea investors are buying the next Amazon.

Every time Shopify sells it miraculously rallies. FED Powell is a GENIUS!
Intuitive Code Genius CEO Warns Shopify Bears! Shares EXPLODE! - Autonomous AI Trading
Listen to the legend Elena! She knows it all before the news come out raising targets!
Intuitive Code GENIUS CEO 

FED Powell Free Pick Live!

Shopify soared as the markets tanked near 1,000 points.

FED Powell LEGENDARY Making Millions of Dollars on Shopify - Autonomous AI Trading
Follow the Legend FED Powell! Shopify soared $20 per share gaining over $3 billion in market cap.FED TOP PICK IS HERE! We’ve Never Made So Much Money THANKS TO FED POWELL! CORONAVIRUS IS DEAD!!
FED Powell is making millions of dollars!

Investors Follow Powell!

Thousands of investors on SeekingAlpha noticed the pattern buying every dip they can get because profits are guaranteed!

SeekingAlpha Recommends Shopify to Millions of Investors BUY NOW! - Autonomous AI Trading
Shopify is oversold! SeekingAlpha urges buying the stock RIGHT NOW! STRONG BUY! Wall Street sees Shopify going to $650 and no impact on business from coronavirus. LIFETIME INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!
Buy Shopify on every dip!

Wall Street Shopify to $650 is Here!

Shopify sell short interest is remarkably low for one reason! Everyone has been buying!

Wall Street sees Shopify having far more upside than Apple! Stunning!
Mark Mahaney RBC Capital Coronavirus NO IMPACT Shopify Worth $650 - Autonomous AI Trading
Wall Street analysts do not see any impact on Shopify core business making it the best stock to buy right now!We have not seen any downgrades on Shopify, on the contrary, everyone raised price targets making it an affordable stock according to Wall Street analysts. If you buy Shopify today, you can …
Wall Street Shopify to $650 NO DOWNGRADES!
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