Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Fearless Alex Vieira has just called the best market rally since 1931 mocking stupid Americans over coronavirus. Profit from his free stock portfolio and live trade alerts investing in Amazon.

The legend has been a long-term investor in Amazon since $77 while Warren Buffett started investing in Amazon at $1,850

Learn how to make $800 per share investing in Amazon in just five months excluding the humungous profits betting on ROKU crash.  

Investing in Amazon and ROKU 2019

Alex Vieira teaches how to make hundreds of millions of dollars investing in the markets buying Amazon while selling short ROKU

Billionaires Live Buy Amazon Now! Short ROKU! Listen to Warren Buffett!
Buy Amazon and Short ROKU stupid American! Listen to Warren Buffett one of the very few Americans with a brain! Amazon soared $400 per share in just two months while ROKU collapsed!
The Perfect Portfolio

Alex Vieira urged investors selling ROKU at $176 downgrading shares to Junk assuming a large short position since then.

Alex Vieira Live Trading Sells ROKU $176 Making $1 Billion
Alex Vieira urged investors on live trading selling ROKU after doubling its price target to $170. He upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy on IPO at $19. During the bull market he urged investors to acquire massive positions to maximize their return on investment
Selling ROKU $176 downgrading to Junk

Investing in Amazon 2020

In 2020, ROKU share price crashed to $59 whereas Amazon soared to $2,043 helping to consolidate the best market rally since 1931.

Real-time A.I trade signal selling Amazon at $2,043

Alex Vieira Live on Amazon

Learn more about Alex new portfolio for 2020 seeing one of his picks rallying one hundred percent

Alex Vieira New Portfolio Soars One Hundred Percent After Jim Cramer Turns Bearish
Alex Vieira came out with his new bull portfolio for 2020 as the crowd turned bearish stocks listening to the famous American criminal Jim Cramer on CNBC. The legendary investor saw one of his stocks gaining one hundred percent!
Alex Vieira NEW portfolio 2020
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