We create apps and artificially intelligent algorithms since 1989

We all need some help to get started investing in the financial markets. Autonomous Trading offers the best AI platform, live streaming and courses for investors in stocks, ETF's, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies. Accept Alex Vieira invitation, and you will succeed in the markets like never before.

Famous Investor Changes People Lives Investing in the stock market.

Invest in Twilio and Netflix by accepting the world's best trader challenge using a brand new artificially intelligent trading platform for small and professional investors. Twilio share price soared more than one hundred percent since the announcement, while Netflix rallied to $345 in 2018.

We have been long-term investors in Netflix since single digits using a rather simple AI Trading BOT performing miracles demonstrating 100% accuracy for years.



Stock Market Legend Demonstrates the Impossible is Actually Possible!

Refer to one of the most famous articles in the history of the markets preciting a crash in cryptocurrencies selling everything at the top downgrading to junk ahead of the crash.


Netflix is a Potential Buyout Candidate.

Prominent investors have reasons to believe that Netflix might be acquired by Apple. In the worst case scenario Netflix share price will soar since the company does not have any serious competition.



Serious investors are having their best time ever in the stock market. They listen to credible sources and a proven track record investing in the markets for thirty years. Everything else on the web is a proven SCAM as I have had the pleasure of demonstrating thousands of times. Vieira


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