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Alex Vieira's recent speech to semiconductor investors sent stocks and indices to all-time highs while exposing the fraud behind Wall Street analysis commenting on Citigroup stock research.

No one needs Wall Street to invest properly in the markets. Shut down the scam today!

Semiconductor investors made $24 million in just days!

I’m Buying! Best Semiconductor Stock Right Now
I’m buying. We’re buying. Everyone with a brain is buying! Wall Street is coming later on raising targets. It’s live on the tape, the best stock picks in the world coming with guaranteed profits from the world’s best investors.
Famed value investor speech live

Citigroup Non-Sense Analysis

It's terrifying how stupid Americans believe in these scams! AMD market cap doubled within less than two months.

You've material for a class action suit against Citigroup by the American people. Alex
Citi reiterates Sell rating on AMD, boosts target to $8 from $7 AMD - The Fly
Citi reiterates Sell rating on AMD, boosts target to $8 from $7 Citi AMD
Wall Street fake news and fraudulent stock analysis

Compare Wall Street to Alex Vieira here

Recently, he exposed the fraud behind Tesla and Apple downgrades

A.I Options Trading Gives Insane Profits to Apple Investors
Intuitive Code, autonomous A.I trading, raised Apple price target for the year further accelerating the short squeeze of crooks downgrading Apple as reported on the news.
Traders' profits are just INSANE!
AI Vision Fund Exposes Morgan Stanley Tesla Outlook as FRAUD
Tesla investors should disregard the useless and biased opinion of Wall Street. Follow the free investment advise of a market legend who has never missed a Tesla forecast. In the past months Intuitive AI Code and subscribers made more than $1 billion
Disregard Wall Street Tesla analysis! Strong Buy!
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