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The legend who bet on Virgin Galactic rally from $8 to $60 turned ultra bearish beating against the American crowd, Cathie Wood, and Reddit scammers by exposing the fraud during several online conferences answering to investors questions.  

Alex Vieira Epic Call on Virgin Galactic Sends Investors and Richard Branson from outer space back to Earth
Market genius, Alex Vieira, had just made another epic call on Virgin Galactic, helping investors selling the stock at $60 going short before shares were sent from outer space back to earth. Learn how savvy investors are doubling their profits weekly by investing in SPCE, AMC, and GME.
Virgin Galactic Fraud Analysis

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) will not be permitted to conduct another spaceflight until the FAA's "mishap investigation" concludes, as is standard during such investigations, the FAA confirmed on Thursday.

Cathie Wood Ain’t Alive No More. Mandalorian Celebrates the Death of the American Retail Investor.
Once upon a time, an American said that he would get rich investing in the stock market. Meanwhile, thousands joined him on Reddit Wallstreetbets, but all of them lost everything to the Mandalorians.
The Death of the American SCAM investor

Virgin Galactic previously said it was entering a months-long, "self-imposed" no-fly period anyway (bullshit for idiots), as the company works to refurbish some of its hardware (laughable lies).

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"Virgin Galactic may not return the SpaceShipTwo vehicle to flight until the FAA approves the final mishap investigation report or determines the issues related to the mishap do not affect public safety," according to a statement from the FAA. Alex Vieira commented today in the morning.

Sir Richard Branson's feedback is worth billions of dollars. Alex Vieira.

FAA news came out after Alex Vieira's conference on Fraud AI Analysis. Investors all over the world are smiling like never before by following Intuitive Code CEO epic calls.

Intuitive Code Raises Short Positions. Virgin Galactic. XL Fleet. SmileDirectClub
Investors all over the world are smiling like never before by following Intuitive Code CEO epic calls. Learn about the best stocks to sell short in the U.S stock exchange.
Epic Calls for savvy short-sellers

The first AI in finance is now available to help investors not fall for scams in the stock market.

Many investors don't always take the time to do the research themselves and instead rely on other people or companies to provide them with information on stocks. Unfortunately, these people can make money off of the information they provide for free, which is why investors should rely on easily accessible information. This blog looks at different ways investors can protect themselves from becoming a victim of fraud.

I am so happy that I found Alex Vieira. No one can imitate a genius. I got rich by following his ideas and algorithm. I love to listen to him because it is so easy and accurate. The data is so affordable and accurate that anyone can use it, and if you're an investor, you're going to save so much time, money, and effort using this tool. Thank you so much for the great calls. Paresh.
World’s Expert in AI Fraud Analysis Teaches How to Stop Losing Money in Stock Scams.
Anyone who’s ever tried to invest in the stock market has probably come to a point where they’re unsure whether to trust Reddit, Wall Street, or their social media connections. So the legend behind the most powerful stock rallies issued a dire warning for those who refuse to listen to
How to Stop Losing Money in Stock Scams

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