Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Learn about why artificial intelligence is very much interested in ethical investment and investing in Green Energy. Also, learn about who creates the most obstacles to sustainable growth in the prole of wild voracious capitalism.

My name is Luis. I am your host today. This week, I will introduce the Intuitive Code CEO contest winners on Green Investing, included in the Ethic Investment Early Access Program.

Unfortunately, this topic is of no interest to Americans. Instead, American society has been drilling the environment, making fun of the planet where we live.

The last time I invited a group of Americans to buy shares of a green company they literally told me to fuck off.  They wanted tips about MEME stocks. On the contrary,  I found supreme acceptance from Chinese investors.  Alex Vieira.

Are the most famous American investors like Warren Buffett interested in Green investing? Of course not. Buffett is focused on what is really bad for consumers, oil, ketchup, and McDonald's.

We are very much interested in a better world. So, the Intuitive Code CEO had the bright idea of creating a contest for innovative green investors offering a monetary prize to the first two.

What's Green Investing

Green investing refers to investing activities aligned with a commitment to promoting environmentally friendly business practices and conserving natural resources. Pure-play green investments are investments in which most or all revenues come from green activities.

Autonomous Trading includes on its portfolio analysis a new AI parameter to evaluate whether companies' practices and products positively impact the environment.

We must gather a collective insight defining an action plan for our children and the planet.

Invest in Green Energy

In a recent report, AI rated AMC a Zero on Ethics and pure-play green investment. So, why so much interest in AMC?

Because you have a group of Americans interested in voracious fraudulent capitalism.

Start by asking yourself each day what did you do to change our world for the better.

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