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Is it possible that a stock rating changes from Strong Buy to Junk? Sure, it can! AI Does it Ahead of a crash! This article discusses companies without any further upside left, therefore sell and go short because they are going down hard.


What does Energous do?

Energous Corporation (WATT) engages in the development of a wire-free charging system. It develops WattUp that consists of semiconductor chipsets, software, hardware designs, and antennas that enables radio frequency based wire-free charging for electronic devices, providing power at a distance and enables charging with mobility under software control.

Energous is a pure speculative play which technology is still seen as worthless by experts in the field.


From Strong Buy to Junk Ahead of the Crash

Firstly, let me start by reaffirming what I have been saying for a long period of time - current stock market conditions are perfect! This means that you can achieve a return on investment beyond your imagination in a short-term time frame.

Intuitive Code classifies stocks into different ratings, however very differently from Wall Street analysts.

What's the advantage of using Intuitive Code ratings versus the industry?

  • Reliability
  • Coherency
  • Accuracy
  • Valid since IPO

Investors find in the service the definition of stock ratings, for example those interested in value investing versus speculation.

Furthermore, investors have access to a library constituted of hundreds of companies listed on NADASQ and NYSE for their reference. I strongly suggest the use of the proprietary AI scan tool.

To demonstrate how does it work let's focus on an example, for the sake of simplicity - ROKU from Strong Buy to Junk - discussed in this Blog.

Energous a Terrific Selling Short $26

WATT share price sorared more than 120% from our upgrade to Strong Buy, but the company is not seen as an investment - it's a pure speculative stock. To learn about the difference between value investing versus speculation subscribe to one of the existing investment plans starting from $5.

In this case what did Intuitive Code AI suggested to investors looking for to obtain the maximum return on investment?

Sell & Go Short Ahead of the Crash

Precisely! A professional investor must be prepared to profit from both sides of the market - long and short.

When a stock reaches its upside there are two options

  1. Sell everything, use the profit obtained to invest in quality companies
  2. Sell everything, reersing to the short side.


Artificial Intelligence guides investors througout the investment process since IPO and in real-time.

Nowadsys investors don't have to choose the best portolio, nor wasting their valuable time performing a risk analysis, or wasting money on financial advisors.

Do It Yourself

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