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I already warned several times to listen to Donald Trump genius. I keep repeating the same. The result is surreal profits and risk-free investment in the markets. Finally, you can sleep well at night while your bank account inches up to unreasonable levels.

Investors might be willing to accept the risk of investing in China in companies such as Alibaba (BABA), NIO, or MoMo which is understandable, but you are losing tons of money compared to U.S manipulated stocks.

The policy adopted by the U.S is very much different compared to China.  This fact has tremendous repercussions in your portfolio. Accept it, act upon it, or one day you might end losing everything.

In a trade war scenario it is pretty much impossible to predict an outcome when stocks can de delisted. The best option is not to gamble in the unknown.

Official China AI Research and Analysis Explains How to Profit from Devastating China-US Trade War
Alex Vieira has just delivered a strong warning message on the profound negative and devastating consequences of a prolonged China-US trade war urging investors to acquire massive short positions in Chinese stocks as Alibaba based on China AI official data.
Alex Vieira Downgrades NIO to Junk on Reminiscences of Crypto Bubble
Autonomous Trading NIO pricing increases as investors make millions of dollars following the real-time investment advise of Alex Vieira, the greatest investor alive. NIO valuation is similar to a crypto bubble.
Autonomous Trading Downgrades MOMO to Strong Sell $52 Forecasting China Stock Crash
Autonomous Trading initiated covered of MOMO with a Strong Buy rating at $23 seeing shares more than doubling during 2018 to $54, however AI Perelman Trading Algorithm downgraded MOMO to Strong Sell urging investors to sell short the stock.

Now, those who take seriously Donald Trump are retiring rich while the crowd lost everything gambling.

Alex Vieira Explains Why You Cannot Trust Any American Except Donald Trump
Mathematics is the true language, therefore we have to refer to the facts when judging history. AI Algorithms do not rely on the stupidity of humans to make 100% accurate decisions.

We did our best to inform you in due time helping everyone to make absurd profits in the stock market while Wall Street has been busy defrauding investors.

Review NIO 

Chinese stocks melted. NIO share price closed the week at $1.75. I downgraded it to Junk at $10.6 when Americans were buying the most on Citron Research upgrade.

Chinese were all dumping going short. Chinese are not stupid!
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