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Twitter investors are not satisfied with their return on investment blaming Jack Dorsey part-time style management, but the truth is that Dorsey is just a pawn in a game far beyond the scope of  Twitter investors' twisted shrunk brains.  

If you wish to get serious about investing in the markets, learn how to decipher Donald Trump, otherwise, you're going bankrupt despite your beliefs.

Alex Vieira Explains Why You Cannot Trust Any American Except Donald Trump
Mathematics is the true language, therefore we have to refer to the facts when judging history. AI Algorithms do not rely on the stupidity of humans to make 100% accurate decisions.
Being Close to Donald Trump!

I have been coaching investors on live streaming daily on how to take advantage of Trump's tweets calling the best stock market rally in decades.

Nikolay urged everyone not to sell short stocks ahead of the best rally in decades. You're either a fool or mentally disabled.
Adobe Earnings Best Stocks to Buy Billionaire Raises Price Target
Intuitive Code raised Adobe price target ahead of earnings report maintaining Adobe as a long-term core investment. Investing in Adobe gives an average of $70,000 profit daily for long-term investors.
Invest in Adobe Now!

Does Donald Trump have rules? Do Americans have rules at all? The fact is that Americans voted for Trump. He's the national hero, until he is not - that's how the stupid crowd works.

We should all be appalled by Donald Trump’s tweet about Greta Thunberg
<a href target="“_blank”">Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg is Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2019. </a>The 16-year-old activist is known for holding world leaders accountable for their role in the climate crisis.
Trump bullying? no surprise for anyone except Americans

Donald Trump Behavioral Research Analysis

Americans - the crowd - care about ONE thing only! MONEY! Investors' profits are just INSANE throwing money at the markets. Every time the market is trying to pull back Donald rushes to the PC.

I'm here fellow Americans the deal is now near! Listen to your President!

This tweet or similar content has been repeated every week for two consecutive months.

They repeat the same news daily!

Asian stocks jump as an initial US-China trade deal moves closer toward reality
Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, says the cost of the US-China trade war to the world could be $700B.
Repeated news to pump stock market daily

Literally you can throw money at anything that you make money without knowing why. Meanwhile, you become enthusiast applauding Trump and prostitutes giving stock price targets in Wall Street. Do you condemn this attitude or see it as clear market manipulation?  It does not matter. The SEC is useless.

SEC Has Just Lost the Case Against Tesla Strong Buy
Tesla is grossly undervalued therefore Autonomous AI Trading is urging investors to acquire a massive investment position ahead of the company reporting a stellar quarter.
SEC is useless! Wake up!

Other fact people are not familiar with - Twitter TOS allows bullying!

Perelman AI Algorithm Trade Signal Crashes Twitter Share Price.
No one believed in Grigori Perelman when he released the solution to the “impossible”, simply because no one else could do it. Likewise, we released the solution to Facebook, Twitter and Amazon earnings. Everyone else failed, while we proved 100% accuracy.
Bye Bye Twitter! You've no rules!
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