Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Alex Vieira said that we are before the best period in history to make hundreds of millions in the crypto markets by following his real-time guidance available on any ClickUp AI plan, and he has been absolutely right.

Learn how to get started investing in Coinbase. Choose one the the available ClickUp AI plans. We explain here how does it work.

We include complete specifications and a description for each plan.

Coinbase Live Investors Event

These instructions are valid whether you are attending a live session, collaborative analysis, meeting, or event as a subscriber to one of the ClickUp AI plans or purchased individual live sessions. Learn how to attend live events on ClickUp AI

Before Live Event

  • The host creates the task, live session, on ClickUp AI,, using the 'coming' status, giving you time to join. Then, the host provides the session with a title.
  • You are notified on the app and by email if you choose to.
  • When the host goes live, the task status changes from 'coming' to 'live session.'
ClickUp AI email notifications

Event Notifications

  • In addition, the user may also be notified by SMS, depending on his plan.
  • We recommend checking your account notifications for past, current, and upcoming events on
ClickUp AI notifications

Join Live Event

Attend to the picture below 👎

In this case, the event occurs on Zoom. Click on the button to join your room. That's it.

Join ClickUp AI Live Event

During the Live Event

You can access standard and advanced features included in the collaborative platform, including audio, video, chat, screen sharing, transcription, schedule, etc.

Coinbase Live events on ClickUp Live

After the Live Event

We may add notes to the task on ClickUp for future reference. However, we do not make the event recording available on ClickUp for legal compliance.

Intuitive Code's primary field of business is to create artificial intelligence algorithms. Intuitive A.I. is our flagship product, proprietary research, and analysis with applications in numerous areas. We baptized 'autonomous' as the intelligent algorithm developed exclusively for finance.

In addition, we enable efficient A.I. and RPA, develop custom software, and implement turnkey solutions powered by machine learning, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, intelligent assistants, robots, to apps.

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